Data Protection Day 2017 – marking a year of dramatic change

Data Protection Day is marked on 28th January every year to raise international awareness of information privacy issues.  In the year since the last Data Protection Day in 2016 there have been several significant developments: Read more by European Parliament, 2010

Privacy Shield replaces Safe Harbour, but only the name has changed

First published in The Conversation 5th February 2016

The replacement for the EU-US Safe Harbour agreement that was ruled unlawful by a European court last year may well fail the same legal tests as its predecessor. Read more by Amber Case, 2011

End of Safe Harbour isn’t the end of the world – let’s hope its successor is better

First published in The Conversation on 12th October 2015

The Safe Harbour agreement that reduced US firms compliance with European data protection rules to a tick-box exercise has been scrapped, Read more