by European Parliament, 2010

Privacy Shield replaces Safe Harbour, but only the name has changed

First published in The Conversation 5th February 2016

The replacement for the EU-US Safe Harbour agreement that was ruled unlawful by a European court last year may well fail the same legal tests as its predecessor. Read more by Amber Case, 2011

End of Safe Harbour isn’t the end of the world – let’s hope its successor is better

First published in The Conversation on 12th October 2015

The Safe Harbour agreement that reduced US firms compliance with European data protection rules to a tick-box exercise has been scrapped, Read more by pjen, 2007

Debating access to personal data

First published by City University London on 4th September 2014

From A-List celebrities seeking to protect their intimate photos stored in the cloud from public scrutiny, to service users and customers surrendering personal details on social networks, Read more